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Coarse Silicon Carbide

46-70 Grit

This is 46/70 coarse grit.  It is slightly coarser than 60-90 Grit.  It will work also for the rough grind in Rotary Tumblers, especially larger tumblers for that little bit of extra grinding power.  It is too coarse to be used in vibratory tumblers.


25 Lbs.  $58.00

50 Lbs.  $105.00

100 Lbs.

coarse silicon carbide

60-90 Grit

This is 60-90 coarse Grit.  It works great for the first step or coarse grind in Rotary Tumblers.  It is a little too coarse to be used in vibratory tumblers.


25 Lbs.  $58.00

50 Lbs.  $105.00

100 Lbs.  $184.00

medium silicon carbide

120/220 Grit

This is a 120/220 coarse Grit.  This grit will work well for the coarse grind in vibrating tumblers or as a second stage in a rotary tumbler after a 60 - 90 Grit.  


25 Lbs.  $58.00

50 Lbs.  $105.00

100 Lbs.  $184.00

500 aluminum oxide pre pollish

 500 Aluminum Oxide


This is a 500 Grit Aluminum Oxide.  This grit will work well for the fine grind (pre polish)  in a rotary or vibrating tumbler.


25 Lbs.  $72.00

50 Lbs.  $137.00

100 Lbs.  $235.00

Aluminum Oxide polish


This is our Aluminum Oxide Polish. Works good at a reasonable price and is best on Quartz, Agate and harder stones .


25 Lbs.  $90.00

50 Lbs.  $158.00

100 Lbs.  $278.00

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